If you saw Crucial in concert, odds are you got one of these cool looking tags. Your tag has a unique code on the back of it. Simply type the code into the widget below to redeem your full copy of “The Hard Truth!”

Would you like to know how to get more of these?

Crucial’s drop tags can be used as an awesome ministry tool, especially when reaching out to friends/family that love music. Each tag has a unique code on the back, that can be redeemed here for a full length copy of “The Hard Truth.” When purchased in bulk, you can get these tags for as little as $2 per tag. For example, you could get 50 tags (50 copies of Crucial’s album) for just $100.00!  For orders of 500 or more, contact us for even better deals. Fill out our contact form if you are interested in ordering these tags to distribute in your area.